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Remote Coach

GM Marin Bosiocic

Mr. Marin Bosiocic is a Chess Grand Master and two time national chess champion of Croatia. Born 1988, Mr. Bosiocic's FIDE NR rating is currently 2602 with a highest ranking of 2648. Other awards include his gold medal win on the second board in the European Team Championships in Hersonissos, Greece in 2017. Mr. Bosiocic has over 10 years of experience in chess training on all levels and has constructed a system of personal programs for all elements of chess. The basic structure of his training is:
- To propose a plan of subjects and a schedule based on a student's recent games.
- The plan of participation in competitions is made for students interested in tournament play.
- Evaluation of student performance, if requested, is done on a bi-monthly basis.
Lessons use chess-based, on-line tools and are available to children or adults.

Private Hourly Rate $60
Group Hourly Rate (max 5 students) $30